Freddy Vega: How Latin America is Building More Unicorns than Europe

Seedstars Global

FEBRUARY 30, 2020

According to OECD, it takes 5 to 7 generations to get out of poverty. Freddy Vega, CEO and co-founder of Platzi, decided to break the vicious cycle with the help of his edtech startup.
Plazi is an online education solution for Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets with over 1 million participants from around the world. Freddy’s startups became a winner of prestigious prizes and participant of accelerator programs, including Y Combinator.

People who stay with Plazi for at least a year can increase their income from 54 to 260 %, which is from $500 to $3,500 and is above the average salary rate in Latin America. So, in other words, it takes 1 year for a person using Platzi to get out of poverty.

“We know how to train programmers, marketers, etc. But we don’t know how to train CTOs, Product Managers, etc. We still have to figure out how to produce leaders. This is probably the edge that Silicon Valley still has over us in Latin America. But we can fix that, and we are working towards this next goal,” Freddy says in his speech.

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