One Woman’s Mission to Bring Wealth to the African Continent | Hilda Moraa

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Following a path less travelled for women in Africa, Hilda’s passion for innovation and societal transformation through entrepreneurship has already driven her to help multinational corporations like Coca-Cola create last-mile solutions in Africa and begin transforming the way businesses access funding in Kenya and across the African continent. You’ll be amazed when she shares the number of how many good and profitable businesses in the region closed after just 2-3 years simply because they couldn’t access the funds to scale.

Her company Pezesha provides valuable solutions for small businesses to survive and thrive, connecting them with funding solutions, credit scoring, and business and financial education; all these are the things that simply don’t exist. It not only helps existing business owners operate their businesses more efficient, but it also encourages and inspires entrepreneurship in local communities, stimulating the economy and ensuring wealth is distributed to all.

What’s fascinating about Hida’s approach to technology and innovation is the way she and her team layer this over existing social behaviours, resulting in wider acceptance, more engagement and greater impact.

In our episode, you’ll learn what a ‘chimba’ is and how Hilda is burning a trail for women as entrepreneurs in Africa.

The podcast is also available in the video format:

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