Get ready to watch the startups from Mali, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria

AFRICA Episode #2 Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21

MARCH 2, 2021

One more time, the Seedstars World Competition is full of excitement, amazing startups, and competitive entrepreneurs willing to give all of themselves for the chance to win $500k on investment. Africa region is not the exception, so watch now the Africa Regional Stage Episode #2 with 5 incredible startup pitches from Mali, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria!

Denko Kunafoni is a platform that sensitizes and gives health advice to women, pregnant women, and to babies up to 5 years. Neytech Solutions offers a mobile computer lab that schools will not be required to own but can use accordingly. OPower Sierra Leone is an e-Learning system that blends both radio and TV, online and offline. Phenomenon Technologies is a portable science lab on your phone for science students across Africa. And Ladda democratizes access to investment for retail investors backed up by financial literacy.

Support your favorite startup and find out who will represent their country on the Africa Regional Final!

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