TOP startups from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Uzbekistan, and Serbia are here!

CEE Episode #4 Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

The startups from Central and Eastern Europe are getting each day closer to the chance of competing globally for an investment of up to $500k. Now they are representing their country on the Regional Stage of the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21. Watch now the CEE Regional Stage Episode 4 and find out which startup from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Uzbekistan, or Serbia will pass into the next stage.

Okoo is an educational platform for kids powered with advanced AI and analytics system that helps to learn how to code. HR KIT® is the tool for your remote employees. That includes all jobs in which the employee does not prioritize computer use. Flipful helps companies to motivate employees by enabling them to advance their earned salaries whenever it is needed. IMAN is a marketplace that brings together merchants, shoppers, and investors at the point of sale using the principles of Islamic finance. MapMyApple is a mobile application where apple producers can predict pests and disease 7 days upfront and get the right spraying activities.

Discover who the winner is that will stand in for its country on the CEE Regional Final.

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