Here are the 10 Startups Taking Part in the International Expansion Program in Colombia


Here are the 10 Startups Taking Part in the International Expansion Program in Colombia

Valerie Grove

SEPT. 25, 2019

Bogota, CO - September 2019 - Between September 17th and 20th, and Seedstars kicked off the International Expansion program for digital initiatives focused on supporting Colombian startups in their plan to reach an international market., host of the program, is the Ministry of Technology and Communications (MINTIC)’s initiative to promote the development and strengthening of digital entrepreneurship. Seedstars, a global community and investment fund for tech entrepreneurship and startups in emerging markets, will assist in the program’s execution.



Eleven startups whose digital products are already in the market will receive mentoring, consultancy and training that will help them form a strategy for international expansion.

Startups Colombia

Throughout the process, the startups will learn how to implement the Growth Machine methodology effectively (culture of experimentation and learning, identification of key business players, data-driven decisions) and analytical sessions on how to evaluate new potential markets. A supportive network of more than 20 mentors, experts, and partners, will create personalized agendas through bootcamps, weekly mentor sessions, and research projects, all with the purpose of international growth.

In a recent study Colombia was rated 65 of 125 countries in terms of entrepreneurial talent. focuses on fostering this position, promoting entrepreneurship in the country through their entrepreneurship programs. In the ‘route’ that the programs follow, supports companies in stages of exploration, discovery, growth, and in this -- the final stage -- expansion.

Seedstars, as an international organization, brings their extensive team of mentors, resources, and methodology to support the initiative.

Colombia Startups

At the end of the process, startups should leave with a clear idea and plan as to whether they are ready to launch internationally (if they have not already done so).

“We’re incredibly pleased with the quality of these startups as well as their enthusiasm. Thus far they’re taking to the growth methodology well and have been working hard through breaks to lay the foundation for tangible success in the rest of the program.”



The participating startups are:

InteliBPO - Their product, Strauss, is a digital solution designed for payment processes. It improves the customer service experience and sales process by creating a quick and efficient process for banks, microcredit institutions, retail, direct sales, and telecommunications.

Rebus - Rebus is an engine for recommendations and payments powered by artificial intelligence where event organizers can identify, create, and monetize additional revenue opportunities, or ancillary revenue, based on behavioral intelligence.

KAWAK by Vidawa Group - A cloud-based solution for Systems Management focused that helps businesses facilitate a methodology of simple and effective implementation, knowledge sharing, and support.

Taxia Life by Mobility Solutions - An automated system that dispatches taxis in less than 40 seconds. The closest vehicle is assigned via a multiplatform solution that includes mobile apps, PBX, interactive response systems, Whatsapp, Facebook bots, and enterprise software systems.

IMIX - IMIX provides financial tech services for digital companies via a sharing economy model.

Sistema Saberes - Saberes is an EdTech platform that integrates all processes: academic, financial, and administrative, focused on early and secondary education institutions. The personalizable tool gives each institution complete independence and personalization to configure and manage their educational systems.

LookApp - A marketing platform for wholesale businesses, financial sector businesses and small and medium-sized businesses. Lookapp generates market research information using their, “OJOS,” user-generated content and presents the information in a simple, usable manner. - A trip-planning service focused on the rapidly-growing middle class in Colombia and Latin America looking to plan their first trips, especially outside of the country. They have a digital platform and are also present in malls within Bogota, Medellin, and Cucuta.

Instrumentalia - Delivery service powered by a digital platform that facilitates quick information transfer, providing technical data, prices, and variety of more than 32,000 products for the science and health sector. Deliveries are typically made within less than 72 hours.

IGLUW - Platform for building management where residents and providers can better communicate to facilitate better finances and fraud prevention. As an added bonus, management can utilize the platform to monetize processes.

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