The Investment Readiness Program Launches a New Format in January 2020


The Investment Readiness Program Launches a New Format in January 2020

Saniya Giniatullina

DEC. 18, 2019

As of the new year, the Investment Readiness Program will shift to a new format based on short modules at the starting price of $79. By providing more flexibility to the startups in their choice of material, the program will continue running on online webinars packed with assignments directly linked to the startup’s business. The mentoring sessions will also continue being part of the program as participating startups will be able to get firsthand support from our in-house growth experts.



Investment Readiness Program


The next edition of the Investment Readiness Program will offer five different modules:

  • 360 Review of Your Business: Identify the areas of your business that need to be worked on to become investment-ready.
  • Getting to MVP: Help you move from the idea stage to an MVP of your product.
  • Market Sizing: Learn different approaches to calculate your market size.
  • Key Business Metrics: Dig deeper into your unit economics and AARRR funnel.
  • Fundraising: Develop your fundraising strategy, make sure your data room is in order and prepare you for the investor negotiations.

Each module focuses on different startup stages, from idea to revenue stage. We recommend for startups to begin with the first and free module “360 Review of Your Business” to better understand the needs of their business, and thereafter progress to another module. The first module starts on 13 January and lasts for two weeks. The subsequent modules begin on 27 January and have various durations between two and six weeks.

Investment Readiness Program


Based on original content created in-house from our experience with early-stage startups, the Investment Readiness Program is centered around interactive webinars that dig into specific topics and provide real-life examples. The webinars are also a great chance to get to connect with the other program participants and learn about each other’s businesses.

Each webinar is followed by a hands-on assignment directly linked with a challenge your business is facing. Is your user database stale and in need of new leads? Is your retention strategy adequate for your customer type? These assignments will also help you as a foundation for a conversation with potential investors.

Finally, you’ll get a chance to attend group mentoring sessions with our growth experts to review your assignment and exchange your learnings with similar businesses from different parts of the world. You will be provided with feedback on your business performance and can refer to these sessions to clear out any questions or doubts.

Learn more about the Investment Readiness Program and apply to the modules through this link:

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