Get ready to discover ICT Accessibility Award finalists

Seedstars Global

MARCH 31, 2021

Within the Seedstars World Competition timeline, Seedstars joined forces with Mada, a leading national non-profit organisation that works in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Accessibility locally and internationally to enable People with Functional Limitations (PFLs), Persons with Disabilities (PWDs and the elderly), to award ICT Accessibility prize.

In this episode, you will meet the 4 finalists who developed impactful solutions for people with disabilities and/or people with functional limitations. Filisia creates award-winning and evidence-based products for the training and therapy of people with additional needs. Pedius is an app that allows the deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls, without a third-party intermediary, 24/7. Thinkerbell Labs presents its flagship product Annie, an audio-tactile device that makes self-learning and classroom teaching of Braille possible. And Wheel the World - the world’s leading online marketplace for accessible travel, specially designed for people with disabilities.

Support your favorite startup and find out which 2 startups will join the bootcamp of the Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 and compete for the title of ICT Accessibility Award winner.


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