Take a Closer Look at the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 Grand Finale


Take a Closer Look at the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 Grand Finale

Seedstars Global

MAY 3, 2021

The 2020/21 edition of the Seedstars World Competition Grand Finale will be the second one held completely online. After seven years of organising the Seedstars Summit, the pandemic has made us change the format. Instead of a live event in Lausanne, Switzerland with more than a thousand key players meeting face to face and the best startups pitching live in front of a jury, we have moved things to the virtual world last year.



In this edition we went a step further, so all of the local and regional competitions were fully virtual as well. The culmination, i.e. the Grand Finale will be broadcasted on May 20th at 2 pm (CET) in partnership with The Next Web. The change in format does not mean there won’t be plenty of content for everyone interested in technology and entrepreneurship. To find out more about the agenda and speakers keep reading and don’t forget to register for the Grand Finale here.

What to expect during the grand finale

Here is a quick overview of the agenda for the Grand Finale:

  • 14:00 | Introduction
  • 14:10 | Panel Discussion on 21st Century Education for 21st Century Skills
  • 14:30 | The Mags on FoodTech, EdTech, ICT Accessibility and Prizes Awards
  • 14:55 | Pitching Competition
  • 15:40 | Winner Announcement

The Grand Finale will kick off with an introduction from our CEOs Alisee de Tonnac and Pierre-Alain Masson and Már Másson Maack, Editor of Growth Quarters by TNW.

After the short foreword from our founders, the program will be moving on to a panel discussion on one of the seven themes of this year’s Finale. The panel discussions during the Regional Finals were all about gender equity and the importance of making the world of business a more inclusive place for all genders. This time, the panelists will be discussing 21st Century Education for 21st Century Skills.

How can the education system keep up with the demands of the labour market? Which skills will be vital in 10 years? These are just some of the questions that a panel of experts will be answering. The amazing speakers joining us for the discussion are:

How are entrepreneurs changing the world?

The Mags are a format introduced during the last Seedstars Summit and they are short dives into specific topics to learn how entrepreneurship is impacting the world. This year there will be three Mags on the topics of FoodTech, EdTech and ICT Accessibility.

In partnership with the canton of VAUD, we will try to answer the question of how technology can help solve global hunger, without additionally contributing to the damage done to our planet. The EdTech mag will be looking back on how education has changed in the last year or so. With children and students out of classrooms, how prepared were educational institutions for digital learning? One EdTech startup will receive the Education technology award in partnership with HEG Fribourg.

The third Mag you will have the chance to see will be in collaboration with MADA and it will revolve around the topic of ICT Accessibility. Two amazing startups will be presenting their solutions for making technology accessible to people with disabilities and/or functional limitations. Check out last year’s Mag on this topic here.

A special prize will be given to the most innovative startup in each category as well as in additional categories of Women Empowerment, Climate Action and Childhood Development. More information on all of the themes and prizes that will be given out can be found here.

And the winner is…

Of course, the pièce de résistance of the day will be the final pitching competition. Five startups, each representing a region of the emerging markets will present their products in front of a jury and one will become the winner of the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 and win the Grand Prize of $500,000 in equity investment. The jury in the Grand Finale will be consisting of:

The finalists have been selected after reviewing almost 5,000 applications and three rounds of local and regional competitions. Their solutions span from logistics, to making healthcare information accessible, and providing financial literacy.

Read more about the finalists here and don’t forget to register for the event so you find out who the winner will be in real time.

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