Top startups from Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, and Oman competing for their place in the MENA finals

MENA Episode #1 Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21

FEBRUARY 1, 2021

The Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 is getting each day closer to the Grand Finale and we can not be more excited!! The MENA Regional Stage Episode 1 is here! Get ready to hear 4 amazing startup pitches from Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, and Oman.

Fulfillment Bridge, a cloud-based global e-commerce logistics platform offering warehousing in 4 continents, fulfillment, shipping, return management, and more. Akyas, a wastewater treatment system placed in an affordable, compostable bag. Speetar, a telemedicine platform allowing patients in the Middle East starting with Libya to access medical providers. And Tanfees delivers online therapy and match clients according to their needs with the right counselors with their own algorithms at one fixed price.

Find out who will be the winner to represent their country on the MENA Regional Final!

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