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Helping People With Visual Impairments See the World | Rene Espinoza

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Rene was working in a medical institution in Chile with neurologists, physicians and people with various disabilities. At some point, he was asked to develop a mobile app for the blind and he jumped into the work quickly with a passion for this challenging idea. It was not a startup back then, it was his thesis work. After a year, Rene couldn’t stop thinking about this idea so he decided to establish a startup dedicated to increasing the autonomy of people with disabilities. With a government grant of $15,000 dollars, Rene continued developing Lazarillo with his co-founders who he met during university life.

Lazarillo is an accessible guide app and platform that helps public and private institutions make their places and services more accessible for everyone, especially for people with disabilities. The platform maps contain indoor or outdoor navigation that connects to the LazarilloApp, allowing the users to safely navigate spaces on their own, improving the accessibility of the venue. Up to this point, the startup has 65 locations with an indoor and outdoor system, 2 university campuses, 5 public venues, 6 hospitals and 52 bank branches.

Lazarillo was also selected as one of two winners of the ICT Accessibility Prize by MADA. Watch more on Rene during the Digital Access for All Episode from the Online Seedstars Summit.

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The podcast is also available in the video format:

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