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Seedstars World Finalist Who Is Closing Over 1 Million USD | Emir Nurov

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Emir is the definition of a global citizen – born in Turkmenistan but sent to boarding school at the age of 11 in Turkey to access better opportunities, he then moved to Singapore thanks to a global physics competition where he won a scholarship. Unable to follow the advice of his parents who wanted him to have a stable and secure career, he left his corporate job to launch his own company through the Entrepreneur First program where he met his co-founder.

Together, they started Resync, an intelligent machine learning and data analytics-driven energy efficiency solutions provider for smart buildings and IoT devices. It has now sparked interest across South East Asia, and his next step is to continue to scale across Central Asia and Europe. Coming from a country rich for oil and gas, such a shift to the green economy makes complete sense to Emir and his recent investors that injected 1 million dollars into his company. Emir will share with us the highs and lows of launching a business and how he keeps a positive attitude in the face of all of the criticisms and challenges that come his way. Finally, Emir will share his view on the Turkmenistan startup ecosystem and what hopes he has for its future.

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