Why Papa Returned to Senegal to Invest $50M USD to Support Entrepreneurs | Papa Amadou SARR

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Originally from a small town in Senegal, Papa Amadou has decided to dedicate his life to serve others. The PhD that he received in his early twenties on the issue of migration gave him a holistic overview of the problem, and since then, he has never stopped working towards solving it on a macro level. Working with the World Bank, OECD, International Monetary Fund, African Development Bank, he has done it all.

As a Minister, he’s now supporting entrepreneurs in Senegal to foster job creation, reduce unemployment and under-employment, gender inequalities, and he hopes to eventually tackle the migration issue using these areas as his pillars. His grand-parents inspired him while studying and a job abroad gave him the tools and open-mindedness he needed to now approach his work as a pure entrepreneur: he applies lean startup practices to government work to generate a bigger impact.

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