Seedstars Launches Its First Academy Program in Asia


Seedstars Launches Its First Academy Program in Asia

Grace Tun Myint

AUG. 20, 2019

Seedstars has launched its first Seedstars Academy Program in Yangon on August 10th. The Program kicked off its first batch with a two-day bootcamp for the selected startups at Seedspace Yangon.



The Academy Program comprises both face-to-face and online business trainings, mentoring and networking sessions. The chosen candidates will be mentored by a mix of local and international mentors, who are experts in their business fields.

In each session, the program will comprehensively dive into topics such as Market Research, Pitching, Product/Market Fit, Basic Finance, Talent Management & Recruitment, Sales Channels, Branding and Positioning, Fundraising and many more.

The Academy Program

About the Academy Program Yangon

The Academy Program Yangon is a six-month free program that will mentor, build, and train, young entrepreneurs and students in Yangon, who want to build a business from scratch and acquire soft and hard skills to run their own business.

The bootcamp was launched by the Seedstars team Doris Clemenz, Moalosi Lebekwe and Romulo Navarrete. The first day of the bootcamp was started off by Academy Manager Doris introducing Seedstars and the structure of the Academy Program to the teams, followed by an introduction to the lean canvas. The first batch of the Academy teams were then given time to work on their canvases by creating a hypothesis of the customers personas and their needs. By the end of the day, the young entrepreneurs and young students had made their one-sentence pitch and tested out their hypothesis solutions to the people that fit their customers persona.

On the second day of the bootcamp, the teams started to work on their Minimal Viable Products (MVP), and learned how to deliver pitch that captures the audience. The evening successfully ended with the teams pitching their startup ideas for the very first time.

Academy Program

Who are our teams

Ten startups will be joining the Academy program for the next six months. The fields the teams are working on range from education, travelling, and e-commerce platforms. The startups are usually consist of two to four members per team, and run by young entrepreneurs and university students from Myanmar with one startup from Korea.


Mitetal is a startup working on social media sales automation chatbot services to help small-medium enterprises with minimising customers support time by providing one-click solution and simple to build chatbot on Messenger.

Visit Mitetal here:

Fashion Geeks

Fashion Geeks is an online tailoring service (e-commerce platform) targeting female consumers between the ages of 15 to 55. Their idea is not only to offer services to the customers but also to support the tailors. They are hoping to offer tailoring service to both men and women in the future.

Check out Fashion Geek on Facebook:


Pickie is a dedicated food-directory application where users will be able to search for newly opened, as well as hard to find restaurants based on various food categories along with the shop’s description, food menus, sample images with an exact location.

Intern Plus

Intern Plus is building a bridge between fresh graduates and employers by focusing on providing information on entry level jobs for the benefits of human resources, and the country’s economic development.

Visit Intern Plus:

Find them on Facebook:

JnE Consulting

JnE is an education platform offering human resource development services by providing training and capacity building curricula to companies for their employees in the engineering sector.

Mycar Myanmar Carshare

Mycar Myanmar Carshare is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform for private car owners to rent their automobiles for private car owners to make extra money while providing quality car rental service to consumers.


Squadrum is planning to offer reservation services by providing booking and scheduling services for customised clothing such as graduation gowns and wedding gowns, and daily clothing items, cameramen, ballrooms, meeting rooms.


ShakeUp is a social innovation and soft skills building platform. Their aim is to alleviate poverty by making business and life skills accessible to everyone as there is a problem with lack of skills such as ways of thinking, working, living, and tools of working among Myanmar students and employees. ShakeUp focuses on these issues in Chin state as well, as there is also a lack of entrepreneurship and job creation in Chin State.

Around MM

Around MM is a travel and tour platform in Myanmar to provide travelers with fair prices and excellent services. They also offer additional services like tour guide and car rental services.

Their purpose is to help travelers who end up spending a lot of money on expensive tour packages, bad service and low-quality hostels due to the lack of accurate and well-informed travel and tour websites in Myanmar.

Check out Around MM at:

Visit their Facebook page:

Zay Ban

Zay Ban is a startup giving students in Myanmar a platform to both earn and save extra cash. Zay Ban gives university students a network where they can utilize their skills to earn money and assess students’ discounts from their business partners. Zay Ban is also a new way of creating marketing channel for businesses.

Visit Zay Ban at:

Academy Program

The Academy Program will finish its first Batch with a Demo Day, where the startups will take the stage to present their ideas to the general public in February 2020.

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