Meet our 2017 Seedstars World finalists


Meet our 2017 Seedstars World finalists

Wafaa Tizi

MAY 9, 2017

The best of the best, of the best. After two days of intense bootcamps to deliver sixty one-minute pitches to a room full of investors, here are the 2017 finalists.



A huge congratulations to all of our startups for their amazing pitches today!

The winners of the ViaGlobal Virtual Presence Prize are...

The winners will have access to a year of VIAGlobal’s US-based remote commerce platform.


Interfase is a data collection game that gathers information about businesses and consumers, and drives foot traffic to the stores.


We democratize insurance by making it accessible and affordable for the lower income population in MENA.

The 2017 Seedstars Summit Finalists are...

From CEE

Talk Bank

Banking via messengers. By design.


Segmentify boosts online store’s sales by offering Amazon-level personalization and business insights as a service.


Mind Rockets

Integrating avatars in public/private sectors’ services to interpret text/speech to sign language for opening accessibility to the deaf community.


Raye7 is a Carpooling mobile app, where commuters enjoy hassle-free rides within our B2B Communities.

From Latam


Apli’s on-demand jobs platform use technology to match 20 million under-employed Mexicans with 1 billion annual missed days of work.

Ultra Casas is the #1 real estate search engine in Bolivia, opening its first franchise in Costa Rica this September.


Edupass is a hub for students navigating the admission process and also to expand university access to aspiring students everywhere.

From Asia

LayUp / Creative eLearning (Pvt) Ltd

eLearning is broken in companies, we increase engagement by over 400%

Acudeen Technologies, Inc.

SMEs receivable discounting platform providing an early payment option for 30-120 day invoices using a technology enabled solution.


uHoo uses data on indoor air quality to bring health, safety and energy savings to commercial and residential buildings.

From Africa

Jamii / EdgePoint Digital Ltd

Jamii is a mobile micro-health insurance product for the low income and informal sector population at just $1 per month!


Disrupting & democratizing access to women’s health products and information through a confidential mobile ecommerce platform

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